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These small paintings are all priced at $125.00 plus $15 shipping for a total of $140.  If someone is buying a grouping, please contact by email or phone for a price of multiples.  The 5" X 7" and 6" by 6" pieces come with a gold or mahogany frame 2.5" or 3" width.  Buyers can request a frame choice.  The 5" by 10" paintings are oil on linen and are gallery wrapped with a 2" painted edge.  Each is priced at $125.00 plus $15 shipping for a total of $140. 

Original small painting priced at $125 plus $15 shipping - total of $140

#513 Gallery at Main St.
Rural Field 7X5

#472 Charter St. Studio
Apple Tree 7X5 pastel

#336 - Southern Belle
Jelly Glass 6X6 oil - Gold

#269 Charter St. Studio
Mountain grasses 7X5

#455 - Charter St. Studio
Canberry Creamer 6X6 w/frame 12X12

#403 - Charter St. Studio
Orange & Blue 5X10 gallery

#450 Charter St. Studio
Blue Jug 5X7 w/frame 11X13



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